Any Waterline, Any Size, Anywhere!

A Hydrant Assist Kit is an encasement package that attaches a yard hydrant to a waterline. Once installed it eliminates the need for costly and dangerous excavating by allowing servicing of the hydrant from the surface, rather than digging down to the water line. A hydrant can be easily replaced without disturbing adjacent utilities. Our American-made hydrant solutions have solved many hydrant problems across the country.

Our product saves time, money, digging and the mess that comes with it!

Once your hydrant has been installed with a Hydrant Assist Kit there are MANY common hydrant problems that you no longer need to worry about! Some of them include:

Broken hydrant head or handle

Frozen hydrant

Plugged drain-back hole (sediment, debris, or tree roots)

Damaged galvanized pipe on hydrant (split, corroded, or bent)

Damaged or missing rubber plunger or O-ring

Broken internal rod in hydrant

HAK Products Example

The Solution

The solution for many hydrant problems before 2004 was to get a backhoe or excavator and dig up the hydrant and replace it; this costs $100 to $200 an hour. This also opens up the potential for damaging utility lines, damaging landscaping, and messy repairs that neither the homeowner nor contractor want to repair.

The solution today is the Seppmann Enterprises’ Hydrant Assist Kit. This will remedy all of the above problems. Once installed, a HAK eliminates the need for excavators or backhoes, any landscaping damage, or utility damage when a hydrant problem inevitably arises.

Where a HAK Will Help – Quick & Easy Hydrant Replacement in Difficult Areas

Gas Benefits Seppmann

This is a very difficult and dangerous site to replace a hydrant. Located at a gas holding facility, it supplies water to the eye wash and shower station. With a HAK there is no need to do major excavating. A HAK would be a safe way to replace this hydrant.

In this picture we have a hydrant that is surrounded by blacktop and has an electric box and LP tank near it. Excavating around this hydrant would be very dangerous. This site is an ideal location for a HAK.

Blacktop Benefits Seppmann

This hydrant is surrounded by blacktop and would require major excavation if it needed to be replaced. Another ideal HAK location.

Carlot Benefits Seppmann

This hydrant used to bed used to wash cars at a car lot. It has not been replaced because it’s very close to utilities and difficult to dig up. This is a perfect location for a HAK.

Electric Fence Benefits Seppmann

This hydrant is in a livestock yard next to an electric fence. Excavating here would be time–consuming and costly. A HAK would be perfect here.

Cement Benefits Seppmann

This site is an ideal location for a HAK because the hydrant is in a garage and surrounded by cement.