A Thermal Pipe Package is a fully assembled E–HAK. It comes with a 1″ PVC Supply Line that is equipped with a self regulating heat cable. Ideal situations for a Thermal Pipe Package:

  • Livestock Watering Systems
  • Lake Cabins
  • Mobile Homes


  • An Economy Hydrant Assist Kit allows you to service or remove the supply line and heat tape package that’s part of your livestock fountain, mobile home, or lake cabin quickly from the surface without digging it up.
  • A Thermal Pipe Package will not freeze in any weather condition if the power is on.
  • It’s fully serviceable without digging. 1″ PVC supply line can be unscrewed and removed from the ground, allowing the heat tape to be secured into place while the pipe is above ground.
  • Self regulating heat cable has a conductive core that reacts to changes in temperature.
  • We custom build each Thermal Pipe Package, with the option of standard 3″ PVC riser, or super insulated 3″ PVC for maximum supply line protection. Packages can be built any length from 1′ bury to 10′ bury.
  • A SE Universal Check Valve can be added to any unit, an option that provides an automatic water shut off, which allows any site to be instantly winterized, or individually localized for service and repairs.
  • The only thing not included in our package, is a 1×4 brass nipple and the fitting to hook to the waterline. Our stainless steel staple is designed to secure the waterline when stapled over a 1×4 brass nipple. You also need 1″ washed rock to put over the drainback hole.
  • View our Thermal Pipe flyer.
Thermal Pipe Package Example Seppmann Enterprises

Custom built to meet your needs! Available in any length!

Full parts list:

  • 115 Volt Plug-In
  • 3″ SE Brass Coupler—all lead free
  • 3″ PVC Riser Pipe
  • Also available with Super Insulated PVC
  • Stainless Steel Staple
  • 3″ Spears Coupler
  • 1″ Brass Ball Valve
  • Plug-In Kit
  • Self Regulating Heat Cable
  • Compression Seal
  • E–HAK Cap
  • 1″ PVC Supply Line

View our Thermal Pipe flyer.