A Universal Check Valve is designed to work with the HAK. It allows you to service yard hydrants without turning the water off and provides you great versatility to use your hydrant site as a “port” for livestock watering systems, quick-fill pipes for filling spray barrels, lawn irrigation systems, etc. There is a Universal Check Valve available to fit any HAK.


  • Made exclusively to work with HAKs.
  • Saves time and increases customer satisfaction because it allows a hydrant to be serviced without turning off the water.
  • Allows you to switch hydrant brands and/or sizes without changing the HAK; allows you to fit any hydrant to a HAK.
  • Allows you to remove hydrant for winter months; riser pipe can then be capped.
  • No need to shut off watermains/well/water supply to service hydrant.
  • Simplifies residential lawn irrigation installations, repairs, and blowouts – again no need to shut off water supply to perform maintenance.
  • View our Universal Check Valve flyer.
Universal Check Valve.