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Waterline: Things You Should Know

Waterlines are one of the most important aspects of exterior water sources. Whether you are running a line from a well into your house, or a line from the well to a yard hydrant, waterline’s make the job possible. Choosing the right type of waterline can help get the correct amount of water from the […]

Water Source: Top Hydrant Brand

Water Source is a popular yard hydrant brand. Retailers such as Menards, Home Depo, and Tracker Supply sell Water Source hydrants. Based out of Norwalk, Ohio, Water Source LLC has been in the industry for over 15 years. They offer two sets of yard hydrants. The red set is the older more proven series, while […]

Monitor: Top Hydrant Brand

Monitor yard hydrants are famous for the dark green hydrant head, and uncommon handle position. These yard hydrants are continually tested by subzero temperatures. Commonly used year-round for home, lawn and farm applications. Much like Campbell hydrants, Monitor hydrants are produced by Baker Water Systems. Appearance & Features The Monitor hydrant boasts many features that […]

Zurn: Top Hydrant Brand

Zurn is a water solutions company that produces yard hydrants. Zurn started manufacturing in the early 1900s. They specialize in finish plumbing, drainage systems, and water control. Zurn’s yard hydrant’s feature a simple design that allow for easy use and repair. The Flo-Trol (Z1397) and Z1395 yard hydrant models will be discussed in this blog. […]

Prier Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

Anton Prier, a German emigrant, founded Prier in Kansas City, Missouri in 1881.  It started as a brass foundry that produced many products for both the United States Military and Navy. Modern day Prier produces top of the line commercial and ground hydrants. Prier hydrant’s come in many different sizes and variations to help find […]

Simmons: Top Yard Hydrant Brand

Founded in McDonough, Georgia, Simmons Manufacturing Company opened its doors in 1957. Simmons offers lead-free water well supplies such as check-valves, frost-proof hydrants, and well seals. They take a lot of pride in their American made products. Simmons sells 7 different series of yard hydrants. In this blog, we will not be discussing 6800LF, the […]

Campbell Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

Campbell is a yard hydrant brand that has long been trusted in the water service industry. Campbell Manufacturing designed their own frost-proof yard hydrant to provide year-round running water. Their yard hydrants can reliably provide water in below freezing temperatures which is a must for most farmers in northern states. In 2008, Baker Water Systems […]

Woodford Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

For more than eight decades, Woodford have been one of the most reliable yard hydrant brands in the industry. Woodford manufacturing produces many different types of hydrants from commercial wall hydrants to roof hydrants. However, their most famous product is the Original Woodford Model Y34 that has been continuously produced since 1929. The Model Y34 […]

Merrill Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

Merrill is a yard hydrant brand that has extremely strong roots in the heart of the Midwest and United States. They have been a proud family-owned manufacturing company that produces yard hydrants in Iowa since 1949. They have been in the water well industry for over 3 generations. You would be hard pressed to find […]

Cost of a Yard Hydrant

Installing vs Replacing The cost of a yard hydrant, whether it is installing a completely new hydrant or replacing a broken or leaking a hydrant, can vary a lot. For installing a completely new hydrant, costs can be much more due to the fact that you need to connect a line for a water source […]