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Waterline Depth: How Deep Should a Waterline Be

When installing a yard hydrant, knowing your hydrant and waterline depth is one of the most important aspects in the installation process. To answer the question “How deep should I bury a yard hydrant”, you need to know how deep the ground can freeze in your location. In the continental US, frost depth can range from […]

Choosing a Yard Hydrant

There are many factors to consider when choosing a yard hydrant. Selecting a hydrant with the features you need is the most important. However cost and availability also play a crucial role. In different areas certain hydrants will have a larger portion of the market share. For example, Merrill and Woodford hydrants are made in […]

Yard Hydrant Installation: The Basics

Today on the blog we are going to talk you through a basic yard hydrant installation. Some things get overlooked often. We’ll cover the need to know items that everyone should know before attempting to install a hydrant.    ***If you are very inexperienced, this may be a job you want to hire a professional […]

What are yard hydrants used for?

Yard hydrants can be used in many settings. Many rural homes have yard hydrants to supply water to a location that’s a long way from their house. Watering a garden or even having a hose hookup to wash the car are quite common.   Later in this blog post we will talk about places that […]

Yard Hydrant Basics: Things You Should Know

Yard hydrants have gone by many names: frost-free hydrants, freeze-free hydrants, yard hydrants, water hydrants, and outdoor hydrants. All of these refer to the same piece of plumbing. A yard hydrant is part of your plumbing that allows you to have water to an outdoor location. The greatest benefit of a yard hydrant is that […]