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Woodford Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

For more than eight decades, Woodford have been one of the most reliable yard hydrant brands in the industry. Woodford manufacturing produces many different types of hydrants from commercial wall hydrants to roof hydrants. However, their most famous product is the Original Woodford Model Y34 that has been continuously produced since 1929. The Model Y34 […]

Merrill Hydrant: Top Hydrant Brand

Merrill is a yard hydrant brand that has extremely strong roots in the heart of the Midwest and United States. They have been a proud family-owned manufacturing company that produces yard hydrants in Iowa since 1949. They have been in the water well industry for over 3 generations. You would be hard pressed to find […]

Cost of a Yard Hydrant

Installing vs Replacing The cost of a yard hydrant, whether it is installing a completely new hydrant or replacing a broken or leaking a hydrant, can vary a lot. For installing a completely new hydrant, costs can be much more due to the fact that you need to connect a line for a water source […]

Installing a Hydrant Assist Kit

Introduction The Hydrant Assist Kit is a great product that can help solve your hydrant headaches. However, it can only do that if installed properly. Luckily, we are here to help you with that! In this blog we will explain what you need for the entire installing a Hydrant Assist Kit process, along with a […]

Seppmann Enterprises: Who We Are

Introduction Seppmann Enterprises is a family owned and operated business from Southern Minnesota. We started our journey of solving yard hydrants problems in 2005 and haven’t looked back. Before we got into the hydrant business, we spent countless years dealing with water problems of all sorts. From drilling and repairing wells, to replacing waterlogged pressure […]

Waterline Depth: How Deep Should a Waterline Be

When installing a yard hydrant, knowing your hydrant and waterline depth is one of the most important aspects in the installation process. To answer the question “How deep should I bury a yard hydrant”, you need to know how deep the ground can freeze in your location. In the continental US, frost depth can range from […]

Choosing a Yard Hydrant

There are many factors to consider when choosing a yard hydrant. Selecting a hydrant with the features you need is the most important. However, cost and availability also play a crucial role. In different areas certain hydrants will have a larger portion of the market share. For example, Merrill and Woodford hydrants are made in […]

Yard Hydrant Installation: The Basics

Today on the blog we are going to talk you through a basic yard hydrant installation. Some things get overlooked often. We’ll cover the need-to-know items that everyone should know before attempting to install a hydrant.    *** If you are very inexperienced, this may be a job you want to hire a professional to […]