Campbell is a yard hydrant brand that has long been trusted in the water service industry. Campbell Manufacturing designed their own frost-proof yard hydrant to provide year-round running water. Their yard hydrants can reliably provide water in below freezing temperatures which is a must for most farmers in northern states. In 2008, Baker Water Systems bought and acquired Campbell Manufacturing.



Campbell’s hydrant heads have a rugged blue cast iron design. Each hydrant has a long, curved handle for easy opening and closing of the valve. Watering hose hookups are available through the 3/4 brass hose adapter. These hydrants also boast a below-the-frost-line shutoff valve which enables the free flow of water at sub-zero temperatures. The standpipe that comes out of the ground for these hydrants in galvanized so it will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

The Lineup

Campbell Manufacturing produces three different sets of hydrants. The first set being the “Compact Hydrant” which features smaller hydrants. These hydrants range anywhere from 45 – 129 inches. These hydrants are produced the same way as the other yard hydrants, just in a small, compact design. The second set of hydrants is the “Sanitary Hydrant”. This yard hydrant set focuses mostly on preventing contamination from groundwater. Used commonly in public areas and campgrounds. Sanitary hydrants are the costliest of the three options. The final set of yard hydrants that Campbell Manufacturing produces is “Heavy Duty Yard Hydrant”. This is the most common and popular of the Campbell hydrants. It’s uses include heavy-duty stock watering, fire prevention and domestic applications.

Upgrading Your Hydrant

HAK Products Example

Looking to upgrade your existing hydrant? Campbell’s frost-free hydrants work seamlessly with our Hydrant Assist Kits! Our HAKs not only prolong the life of your Campbell yard hydrant by preventing erosion from the environment but make repairs much easier. By having the ability to remove hydrants directly from the surface, repairing and upgrading Campbell hydrants has never been easier. Click here to find each Campbell hydrant’s corresponding hydrant assist kit!