Installing vs Replacing

The cost of a yard hydrant, whether it is installing a completely new hydrant or replacing a broken or leaking a hydrant, can vary a lot. For installing a completely new hydrant, costs can be much more due to the fact that you need to connect a line for a water source such as a well. When replacing an already existing yard hydrant, costs can be less because you only need to dig up the yard hydrant and replace it with the yard hydrant you just bought. 

Cost Range 

Generally speaking, in Minnesota (where we are based out of), installing a completely new hydrant can cost anywhere from $1,000 up, with the price increasing for distance of digging and obstacles in the way. For instance, costs are going to increase if you have to dig across an entire yard, around trees, or into a building such as a barn or garage. This price includes the cost of the yard hydrant, digging, and connecting a line from a water source to your brand-new hydrant. A yard hydrant that is broken or not working and needs replacing, can cost anywhere from $500 all the way up to $1,200. This cost has a smaller range because there are less variables such as distance of digging, cost of waterline, etc. 

digging up a yard hydrant

If you want to prevent the future headaches from digging and replacing your yard hydrant, install your hydrant with a Hydrant Assist Kit (HAK). A HAK is a product that protects your yard hydrant from erosion and the elements and allows your hydrant to be removed directly from the surface without any need to dig. HAKs allow for easy repairs and replacements and costs the equivalent of about an hour of excavator digging. If you want to learn more about this option, click here!

Recommended Brands

The hydrant we recommend to all of our customers is the Woodford Y34. This hydrant originates all the way back to 1929 and is one of the most dependable yard hydrants in the entire market. It efficiently delivers water in subzero temperatures and when paired with our Hydrant Assist Kit, there is no climate or environment this duo cannot withstand. Additionally, Woodford has repair parts that are easily accessible and can be found nationwide, making them one of the best hydrant brands. 

yard hydrant with hydrant assist kit

Other brands that are trustworthy in subzero temperatures while paired with our Hydrant Assist Kit are Merrill, Monitor, Simmons, and Campbell. These are brands that we have personally worked with in the field and put our faith in them to thrive in the frigid Minnesota winters.

A Couple Dollars Will Pay Off

Sometimes in life it’s worth paying a little extra. Whether it’s to get a window or aisle seat on a long flight so you’re not stuck in the middle. Or it’s an extra buck to add bacon to your burger (which is the best dollar you’ll ever spend). Yard hydrants can be the same, it pays off to pay a little more for a name brand hydrant.

yard hydrant brands

While buying a cheap hydrant seems like a good, budget friendly idea, it can come back to bite not just you but your wallet too. Not only are cheaper nameless yard hydrants more likely to break, but they are also harder to repair because parts can be hard to come by. That is why we recommend buying from one of these trusted brands and pairing it with our Hydrant Assist Kit, to ensure that you have the best hydrant experience there is to offer. 

Upgrade Your Hydrant

If you are thinking about installing a hydrant, or are simply repairing or replacing your old hydrant, check out our “All About the HAK” page to find out more about how to upgrade your hydrant!

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