Hydrant Assist Kit Intro

The Hydrant Assist Kit is a revolutionary product that can help take your hydrant to the next level. However, this kit only works if you know which HAK is the right one for your hydrant! To find this out, you only need to find a couple different measurements. The first measurement being the size of your both of your inlet and outlet. 


Waterline Inlet Measurement

The first inlet you need to know is the waterline inlet.  All of our Hydrant Assist Kit’s have a 1” female thread. This is the inlet that connects the bottom of our HAK brass bottom to the waterline.

Brass Bottom


We recommend a 1” x 4” brass nipple between the HAK and the adapter for the waterline. This stabilizes the underground connection. The adapter that you would use depends on the material and size of your waterline. Seppmann Enterprises makes a HAK Adapter which is a nipple and adapter for poly pipes, all in one piece. HAK Adapter Seppmann Enterprises


Hydrant Inlet

The next inlet measurement you need to know is the hydrant inlet. This inlet connects the bottom of the yard hydrant inlet to the top outlet of the brass bottom. The outlet on the brass bottom can be either size between ¾” and 1”.

Brass Bottom


Size of the Standpipe

The final measurement you need is the size of the yard hydrant pipe. This is the pipe that comes straight out of the ground and connects to your hydrants head piece. The size of this pipe can either be 1″ or 1¼”. The best way to find this number is through a spec sheet from the brands website or manual. Hand measuring the outside diameter of the pipe does not give you an accurate reading of how big the pipe is. It is much more reliable and easier to just find this number online. 


Sizing for your Hydrant Assist Kit

We have an entire page dedicated to helping you match your hydrant to the correct Hydrant Assist Kit! We compiled a list of all major yard hydrant brands and found which HAK is used for each of their models. Click here! If you get through this entire page and still aren’t sure which HAK would work best for you, give us a call! 1-800-901-3216


Seppmann Enterprises


Hydrant Assist Kit Bury Depth

Lastly, when picking out which model Hydrant Assist Kit works with your hydrant, you don’t need to worry about bury depth. While it’s important to have the right bury depth when installing a hydrant, our kit does not include the 3” PVC riser pipe. It would cost us more to ship a piece of pipe to you than it would cost at a local store. When you install our kit, you need to provide a piece of SCH 40 3” PVC to glue into the adapters that come with the kit. We recommend using a piece that is about 6-12” longer than the bury depth of the hydrant. For example, a 6′ bury hydrant would need about 7′ of PVC so the cap will stay above ground level. This ensures that no dirt and mud can run into the kit during heavy rainfall or snow melt. 


Upgrade Your Hydrant

If you are thinking about installing a hydrant, or are simply repairing or replacing your old hydrant, check out our “All About the HAK” page to find out more about how to upgrade your hydrant!

Hydrant Assist Kit


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