A Hydrant Assist Kit (HAK) attaches a yard hydrant to a waterline. Once your hydrant has a HAK there is no need for costly, dangerous digging. Your hydrant can be repaired or replaced from the surface. Extend the life of your hydrant and avoid digging it up when it eventually fails.

Good for: Yard hydrants, Campgrounds, Farm Sites

An Economy Hydrant Assist Kit (E-HAK) attaches a waterline to a yard hydrant. It differs from a HAK in that it has a plastic compression cap so it works better in spaces where it isn’t exposed to winter elements. Once your hydrant has an E-HAK it can be repaired or replaced from the surface without digging.

Good for: Livestock Watering Systems, Mobile Homes, Homes without Basements

A Universal Check Valve is an optional accessory to use with your Hydrant Assist Kit. It allows you to service or remove your yard hydrant quickly without turning off the water. It provides options for winterization and instant access during winter months at cabins and campgrounds.

Good for: Livestock Watering Systems, Mobile homes, Cabins, Campgrounds

A Thermal Pipe Package is a Economy-Hydrant Assist Kit (E–HAK) that comes with a 1″ PVC supply line and heat tape. It comes fully assembled and is available in any length. All you have to do is attach it to your waterline.

Good for: Livestock Watering Systems, Cabins, Mobile Homes.

A HAK Adapter allows a HAK to hook to a poly waterline quickly with a single fitting.

Good For: Connecting Any Hydrant Assist Kit to a Waterline

A Quick Union Coupler (QUC) allows a waterline to be quickly and easily repaired.

Good For: Repairing 1 inch Poly Waterline