A Universal Check Valve is an optional accessory to use with your Hydrant Assist Kit (HAK). It allows you to service or remove your yard hydrant quickly without turning off the water. It therefore provides you the option to use your hydrant site for more than just a hydrant. For example, you can remove the hydrant and place a livestock waterer there. Another option is using the site for a hydrant (frost-proof) in the winter and then switching to a quick-fill pipe (providing full flow) to fill spray barrels in the summer. There is a Universal Check Valve to fit any HAK.


  • Made to work with HAKs.
  • No need to shut off watermains/well/water supply to service hydrant.
  • With a HAK you can change a hydrant in minutes; with a Universal Check Valve you can change a hydrant in seconds.
  • Allows you to fit any hydrant to any HAK; you can switch hydrants or sizes without digging.
  • Allows you to remove hydrant for winter months; riser pipe can be covered.
  • Can be used on a supply line for a lawn irrigation system – simplifying installation, repairs, and blowouts.
  • View our Universal Check Valve flyer.
Universal Check Valve.

Universal Check Valve Essential Locations

You can put a Universal Check Valve on any hydrant, but in the following places they are absolutely essential!

    • Lake Cabins – Jen has a lake cabin in Minnesota. She’s only there a few weeks a year. With a Universal Check Valve she removes her hydrant when she leaves and replaces it when she returns. Now she can do this in seconds and her hydrant is never used or vandalized when she’s not there.
    • RV Parks – Frank has hundreds of hydrants at his RV park. He frequently has campers backing into his hydrants as they park their RV’s. Over the years as he’s replaced hydrants he’s installed HAK’s with Universal Check Valves. Now his staff just comes around and pops the hydrant in after the RV is parked. There’s no more constant digging for Frank!
    • Farms – Larry used to spend hours waiting for his spray barrels to fill through his hydrant. He now has a HAK and a Universal Check Valve. He puts a quick-fill pipe at that site in the summer and fills his spray barrel twice as fast as it used to. In the fall he swaps it to a hydrant so it’s frost-free during the cold months.