Merrill is a yard hydrant brand that has extremely strong roots in the heart of the Midwest and United States. They have been a proud family-owned manufacturing company that produces yard hydrants in Iowa since 1949. They have been in the water well industry for over 3 generations. You would be hard pressed to find a farm in Iowa without a Merrill hydrant!

Merrill logo

The Lineup

Merrill’s offers a line of 6 different frost-free hydrants that offers its consumers a variety of options for connections. Each of its yard hydrants have a ¾ hose adapter and most come with a red cast iron hydrant head (the M-2000 is the only non-cast iron hydrant head). They offer a plethora of valve sizes to help with hooking up different waterline sizes to differing galvanized pipes sizes. Merrill hydrants have plunger at the base that is pushed down into the housing to shut the water off. This mechanism is the most common across hydrant brands.  

Iconic Appearance

Merrill’s have a classic silhouette for their hydrant head. The bright red color has been a hallmark of their brand for decades. Merrill also casts their name and the model’s name into the head of the hydrant. So, if you have a red hydrant, it may or may not be a Merrill, but you can easily tell by inspecting it closely. 

Upgrading Your Hydrant

hydrant assist kit

Looking to upgrade your existing hydrant? Merrill’s frost-free hydrants work seamlessly with our Hydrant Assist Kits! Our HAKs not only prolong the life of your Merrill yard hydrant by preventing erosion from the environment but make repairs much easier. By having the ability to remove hydrants directly from the surface, repairing and upgrading Merrill hydrants has never been easier. Click here to find each Merrill hydrant’s corresponding hydrant assist kit!