Seppmann Enterprises is a family owned and operated business from Southern Minnesota. We started our journey of solving yard hydrants problems in 2005 and haven’t looked back. Before we got into the hydrant business, we spent countless years dealing with water problems of all sorts. From drilling and repairing wells, to replacing waterlogged pressure tanks, to installing residential and commercial irrigation systems, we have dealt with every water issue imaginable. 


Seppmann Enterprises


The Problem

One of our most prevalent problems was hydrant repairs. From cars backing into a yard hydrant, to old hydrants needing a much-needed repair or upgrade, we dealt with this problem the only way you can, by digging up the yard. We had to rip out landscaping, dig next to power lines and electrical boxes, it was safe to say that this process was nothing short of a mess. So, we created something which will change the way the world looks at yard hydrant repairs.

Carlot Benefits Seppmann

The Creation

We made and manufactured a product that allows a yard hydrant to only be dug up once and never again (our Hydrant Assist Kit)! Allowing for dozens of repairs or replacements without ever having to grab a shovel or excavator. Saving countless hours and dollars. This is how Seppmann Enterprises was created. With the idea of saving our friends and neighbors time, money and headaches.

Parts of Hydrant Assist Kit


The Seppmann Family

Each part of the HAK process is run by a Seppmann! Corey is the founder of this product and the one with the United States patent. Gretchen is the one who receives the orders and makes sure we have the correct inventory to help get your products out the door ASAP. Zach helps manufacture some of the pieces and hand packs the HAK boxes. Megan and Zach create ads so people can find our great products online. Last but not least, Jody creates the shipping label and gets the packages to where they need to go! Each of those people have the Seppmann last name and are extremely proud of it! Seppmann Enterprises embodies being a family business like no other.  


Upgrade Your Hydrant

If you are thinking about installing a hydrant, or are simply repairing or replacing your old hydrant, check out our “All About the HAK” page to find out more about how to upgrade your hydrant!

Hydrant Assist Kit

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