Founded in McDonough, Georgia, Simmons Manufacturing Company opened its doors in 1957. Simmons offers lead-free water well supplies such as check-valves, frost-proof hydrants, and well seals. They take a lot of pride in their American made products. Simmons sells 7 different series of yard hydrants. In this blog, we will not be discussing 6800LF, the sanitary yard hydrant, and 900 models, because they are not sold in all states. Instead, we will be discussing the 800LF, 800SB, 4800LF, and the 5800LF series.



To start, all Simmons hydrants have a cast-iron head and handle with blue polyester powder coated finish. The only yard hydrant head that isn’t blue is the 5800LF, which features floral styling with green paint and engraved flowers designs on the hydrant head. Homeowners who put an emphasis on gardening can install this hydrant series to help blend into the landscape. All four series are lead-free. The main difference between 800 series and the 4800 is the shape of the handle and flow control. The 800 series has a finger grip on their handles while the 4800 does not. In addition, the 800 series has a flow lock wheel on the side of the hydrant head, which can help regulate the flow of water.


There are many different places you can use a Simmons hydrant. The first being at home for an exterior watering source. Yard hydrants can help water outdoor plants, gardens, or even pets. Another place that could benefit from a hydrant would be a farm or ranch. An exterior water source can help rinse off tractors or trucks or water livestock. Yard hydrants can also provide water to help handle fires, in cases of emergency.

Upgrading Your Simmons Hydrant

HAK Products

Looking to upgrade your existing hydrant? Simmons’s frost-free hydrants work seamlessly with our Hydrant Assist Kits! Our HAKs not only prolong the life of your yard hydrant by preventing erosion from the environment but make repairs much easier. By having the ability to remove hydrants directly from the surface, repairing and upgrading Simmons hydrants has never been easier. Click here to find each Simmons hydrant’s corresponding hydrant assist kit!