For more than eight decades, Woodford have been one of the most reliable yard hydrant brands in the industry. Woodford manufacturing produces many different types of hydrants from commercial wall hydrants to roof hydrants. However, their most famous product is the Original Woodford Model Y34 that has been continuously produced since 1929. The Model Y34 is a freeze less yard hydrant that brings outdoor watering to farms that go through seasonal sub-zero temperatures.

woodford hydrant


Woodford offers 7 different yard hydrant options for its consumers to choose from. Each of these hydrants have an automatic draining feature to allow for outdoor irrigation during winter months. Some of the models (Y34 & Y2) offer a “Flow Finder” which can help regulate the flow of water. This feature also helps prevent accidental opening. These hydrants also boast a “Rod Guide”, which eliminates side pull of the rod, reduces wear on packing, packing nut and stem.


Woodford hydrant options come in all different colors, from orange, to blue to red, depending on the model. They also come in a variety of bury depths from 1 foot buries for warmer climates, all the way up to 7-10 foot buries for frigid climates. All of Woodford’s hydrants have a broad handle for easy opening and closing. In addition, these hydrants have a 3/4 Brass Male Hose Nozzle for an easy connection to a garden hose attachment.

Upgrade Your Hydrant


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Looking to upgrade your existing hydrant? Woodford’s frost-free hydrants work seamlessly with our Hydrant Assist Kits! Our HAKs not only prolong the life of your Woodford yard hydrant by preventing erosion from the environment but make repairs much easier. By having the ability to remove hydrants directly from the surface, repairing and upgrading Woodford hydrants has never been easier. Click here to find each Woodford hydrant’s corresponding hydrant assist kit!