Zurn is a water solutions company that produces yard hydrants. Zurn started manufacturing in the early 1900s. They specialize in finish plumbing, drainage systems, and water control. Zurn’s yard hydrant’s feature a simple design that allow for easy use and repair. The Flo-Trol (Z1397) and Z1395 yard hydrant models will be discussed in this blog. Zurn makes many different types of hydrants such as wall and roof hydrants, but these two models are the only yard hydrant models.

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The Flo-Trol (Z1397) and Z1395 are very similar, both having 1-inch galvanized steel standpipe and a cast-iron head and lift handle. In addition, both models have automatic draining system with a bronze valve housing to help prevent freezing in the winter. The hydrant head of these models in a matte blue. The only difference between these models is locking flow control. The Flo-Trol has slotted links which provides adjustable flow control, which the Z1395 does not have.


There are many different places you can use a Zurn hydrant. The first being at home for an exterior watering source. Yard hydrants can help water outdoor plants, gardens, or even pets. Another place that could benefit from a hydrant would be a farm or ranch. An exterior water source can help rinse off tractors or trucks or water livestock. Yard hydrants can also provide water to help handle fires, in cases of emergency.

Upgrade Zurn Hydrant

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Looking to upgrade your existing hydrant? Zurn’s frost free hydrants work seamlessly with our Hydrant Assist Kits! Our HAKs not only prolong the life of your Zurn yard hydrant by preventing erosion from the environment but make repairs much easier. By having the ability to remove hydrants directly from the surface, repairing and upgrading Zurn hydrants has never been easier. Click here to find each Zurn hydrant’s corresponding hydrant assist kit!